* Danny wraps feature film w/ Oscar Nominated director Nabil Ayouch titled "PERIMEES" aka "EXPIRED" in Morocco. Here's an article on Variety:

* 'Beneath The Surface' Premieres at the Festival De Cannes 2014

* Catch Danny opposite Jennifer Ehle on NBC's 'THE BLACKLIST' (Ep. 114).

* SHE'S LOST CONTROL - World Premiere @ Berlin Int. Film Festival (Feb. 2014) & SXSW (Mar. 2014)

* Danny plays SALI ELAHA in Mary Harron's ANNA NICOLE.

*Catch Danny on HOMELAND (Ep. 203)

Press Release w/Sacha Baron Cohen http://uk.imdb.com/news/ni27774437/

* Danny is Prince Kencho on "DROP DEAD DIVA" (Ep. 405)

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